Resurrecting the Fox

This morning after
A night shift of childbirth
And coffee,
The outside world looked
Enormous , tremendous.
The sun is always brighter after leaving the confines of brick
And policy, rules, and laws.
Driving away, I thought of you.
Would you know this same
Kind of freedom?
(You are always weaving in and out of the traffic of my thoughts. )
The thought came that
I may never see you again,
How it feels like our death.
How rules and laws forbid us live.
How love suffocates behind the policies of a society created
By brick people.
Confined. Confined.

Then I spotted it.
A red fox. This felt symbolic and my heart raced toward him, a flutter of hope.
He was asleep in the middle of the black and yellow paved forest of engines and rubber .
Asleep I say because I cannot
Admit that his perfect little body was lifeless.
That the sleek and meek
Failed to escape the confines of man.
His freedom wasted beneath
Confined. Confined.

And then I wondered if love could resurrect him.

And I thought of you..


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