Super Symmetry Has a Gate

Never had a night
Forget to touch my skin,
caress of stars
Of moons, planets,
Of you.

Never a night
So dark
That even white
Bone could not be seen.

But in this night
Stars and sound
Have vanished
And banished me to
earths blind and deaf

I cannot hear your                            Aquarius splashing,                                      Or my Taurus’ thunderous hooves…      The companions                               Separated by the expanse                            Of water and earth                                      and history.

Once, the solar system
Was a park for our souls to
there we would play with
Time and gravity.
Defy the odds
Of religion and astrology.

Now that place is closed
For the construction of
a gate I never wanted.
This gate will keep
Trespassers out.
It will keep us apart.

If they ever let me in again,
I’ll wait for you at the gate
I’ll be wearing a dress whiter
than bone,
holding a sign
That bears your name.


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