Holy Lyrics

On the day of us,

an azure


and her sun

rose early to watch

a dance.

The golden leaves

sang soprano

winds ,

they tap danced

in the air,

twirled through

my new mother hands,

waltzed through your baby hair.

Inside this ancient

song and dance

My arms held you for the


Tied by tides,

and blood and veins,

we finally

see the other.

We watched God

smile that

“It is good smile”,

as Grace flowed

From His pen.

He began

to write

not just words

for obedient men,

but Holy lyrics of

you and I, my girl,

in Eternal ink


golden leaves

that never

lose their color.

And I’m sure I heard Him


an everlasting

“Something gold WILL stay. “


6 thoughts on “Holy Lyrics

    1. Hey, thank you so much for reading! I’m so happy you enjoyed it. That means a lot coming from such a busy lady!
      Nothing compares to this feeling we get to experience when holding our babies for the first time.


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