In reverence

I am honored to
feel your baby’s fortune, 


lay my white hand upon your brown belly.
I feel the love of family 
shining from your eyes. 
I  become circled by  the poetry
from your lover’s heart,
singing you to be strong.
And you are a lioness!
beautiful and fearless.
I am privileged. 

An outsider in your den, 
uninvited , yet welcome. 
In this moment, 
I am home with you,
but I am homeless.
I feel  your history’s rhythm.
smell the earth and the rain.. never changes you
to a colorless white,
or leaves you homeless
without a sun drenched nation.
I wish 
that your baby was me.

Born to you.

Birthed into your story. 
I am so honored to rest my white 
hand upon your brown belly!
I hope you can know this..
to this daughter of a white face, 
You are a queen with a beautiful name..
and you wear the crown of 
A king’s wife upon your head. 


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