Crows: Giver of dreams, receiver of seed

imageA fat Crow was enjoying the treats of the field without laboring for it. He seemed to be making fun of me for my exhaustion from gardening.  I made a sour face at him as he cawed and easily flitted to his next bite of food. A little jealous of his ease, I warned him that I was gonna pluck a feather from his wing and place it in a dream catcher.. he inspired this:

The Crow is at it again.

Picking and spreading seed

Over the sleeping fields of Sunflowers and Sorgum.

He pretends he doesn’t see me

Looking at his joy.

He pretends it is not joy at all,

But behind the melancholy call,

I see a little dark grin,

And a twinkle in the dark eye.

And then he chuckles

As he tells me how easy it is to

Be a crow.

And he mocks humankind as I watch him

From behind the sweat of my brow, working so hard to sow the seed.

He mocks me but its just his way.

He’s a tease.

He fights his arrogant nature

And leaves behind a most gracious and sleek feather.

He knows that I collect them

and hang them on a catcher of dreams

to tease him back.


2 thoughts on “Crows: Giver of dreams, receiver of seed

  1. Hi, Jess! Thanks for following my blog, which brought me over to yours and bowled me over with this piece and a few others I’ve seen. Beautiful, elegant, and, at the same time, a little edgy. All the best, Diane


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