Jack’s River 4

Alone in the gray

waiting for the sight

Of black bear,

Of hunter,

Sun upon water.

You dwell in all of the gray,

And everything besides

But you hide like prey.


The Anecdote 

Black and white keys underneath
Naked fingertips.
Black and white photos behind
Transparent pages.
Black and white spades and clubs
Splayed in betting form.
Black and white spots clothing a

fat bellied house cat.
Black and white pages of ink
and intellect.
Black and white, the perfect Yin and Yang twins.
Black. And. White. People.
(Writing 101)


He was sounding the deeps of his nature, and of the parts of his nature that were deeper than he, going back into the womb of Time.

– Jack London , Call of The Wild

A golden eye penetrating

the blue water.

The pupil dilates, constricts, focus intent and wild.

The black fur stands

On end and sways

In the wild way of danger.

She looks to me

with those glorious

Sun dyed eyes

For permission.

I nod a universal yes

and she becomes

the primitive

wolf hunting

some forgotten old

tennis ball.

It doesn’t stand

a chance..

Aldebaran’s Gaze

(Photo credit to EarthSky News)

I am blazoned
A beast in the sky
with one red eye
and my sights are
on you!
I said I am blazoned!
I am the language
of ages and I care
to seek you out
to whip you with my tongue.
You trembling matador.
Put down your
red strength
and look into
my red eye.


Beast to man 

Without spear or fear.

I owe you my life 

but you owe me yours!
You fear that I might
make you wild?!
Then tame me!
Tame me?
I will close
my red eye and
become the
dark that sleeps
between the

The Quiet Savior

She cannot fight
with soft words.
The task of fighting
With an empty heart
Proves impossible
For a girl who fills
The hearts of others
With every soft word
she’s ever been given.
She is without speech.
Her savior stands
quietly in shadows
“Ask, and you shall receive.”
But she needs Him
to shout!
To show up with
blood stained
Hands and conquer
the battle.
She cannot utter the
Words “help me!”
in any human
while the world
screams so very
Who could hear?
She locks eyes with
and waits for Him
to end the war
against her voice.

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The Coldest Night

You came softly to my door.You didn’t knock 

before I opened it quietly, knowing

your breath was close. 

I forced my own breath

when I saw your eyes. 

It was dark and raining. 

Stars would not shine 

upon war torn lovers. 

I wanted nothing more than 

to pull you into my warmth,

Into my arms that ache for you.

But the candle in my window 

flickered when I touched your face. 

I knew you couldn’t come in. 

So I stood beside you in the

dark and damp and never said a word.