Why I Write

I write to slow down

Lengthen joys

Confront pain.
I write to find

The girl inside

Of the woman
And to find

The woman inside

Of the girl.
I grab pens

So that I can

Live forever.
I buy paper

So that I can

Scribble myself

Into disasters

Or out of them.
I write

Because silence

Listens better

Than people..
But mostly,

I write because

It is so darn fun

To play with with words

Like a cat plays with mice.


20 thoughts on “Why I Write

    1. Oh my! Ishmalmroz, don’t feel embarrassed at all! You have very lovely prose, it is very relatable for others. Putting ourselves out here in word form is scary, but courageous. Keep writing!! And thank you for your sweet comment;)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hehe aww that’s your good heart trying to console me.. I know! 😛 😉 thank you.. 😀 My name is Ishma… Imroz is my dad’s name! 😉 hehe.. 😀 You are a beautiful motivator! 😀 😉 ❤


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