Imaginary conversation at the Ocean. 

I’ve read that wisdom is older than the sea.
That she stood and played in the newly formed waves. She dove and swam and soaked in Life. She felt the salty water sting her eyes.
She looked at God through her blurred vision and tears rolled down her face.
“God”, she said. “It isn’t the Saltwater causing my grief.”
“What then?”, she heard His reply.
Said Wisdom, ” I know that this ocean will fall away someday. How can you create such a majestic thing when You can see its ruin?”
“Don’t you see Wisdom? Because it is worth creating.”
Wisdom heard love in

God’s voice but saw the sadness in His eye.
She rested her head on God’s heart and whispered , ” I won’t leave you God. I’ll stay with you for eternity. “
God thought about that as He looked into the future and saw Wisdom struggling to guide man.
“What is it God? What do you see? Will I fall away too?”
God smiled and tugged His white beard. “No old girl. You will have a tough job ahead… but they are worth creating and dying for.”
“Worth dying for?!”  Wisdom was disturbed. She didn’t understand the decision God was making. Speechless, she turned to Love for the answer.


13 thoughts on “Imaginary conversation at the Ocean. 

      1. Don’t apologize! I haven’t red the whole thing either.. But I do have a few favorites in there. Just so you know, I’m my trying to push religion on you or anything. I hope you don’t view it that way.

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      2. No, I don’t. I read about 120 or 130 pages of the Bible. Thanks for making me think of that. I will add this to my 2016 To Do List. With the hundreds of books I have read, why haven’t I completed that one. You have a wonderful evening.

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