Thief of Winter Lights

The lights turn off one by one on

a cold winter night.

The light keeper has to sleep

Sometime and he must

finish what was started. 

I see the lights go out

In the eyes of friends

In the eyes of dreamers

In the eyes of the faithful.

The keeper of light comes

To my door, he comes through

The snow and the wind.

He asks me if he can come

Finish his job for the night.

I am too tired to turn him away.

After he is gone

I lay down in the dark.

Waiting for his return.

Waiting for light.

But I see him

Headed home with the lights 

Swinging like laughing children

In his gnarled hands.
I know he won’t come back

to my door.

My lights were very very bright.

He will keep them as his own.

And I will adjust to darkness.


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