Chasing a shy smile.

I drove east before sunrise.

I had to see Mercury

make his debut ahead of the sun. 

Watched him grab the tail skirts of Venus. 

Caught a shooting star 

falling from the belt buckle of 

Orion as he chased the stubborn bull beyond the dome of sky

and led the mighty lion into the forest. 

Drove until there was no need 

for headlights. 

Drove until my smile 

reflected the crescent moon waning to begin again. 

Stars above me remaining as dragon stars breathed flame and circled my head with wing and wind. 

Saturn watched 

the night collapse naked behind me and expose 

River Birches shooting the darkness with white arrows and grace, 

Sycamores hosting the choir 

of all things quiet and unsaid. 

Swamp coming to life in the ballet

of Loon and her dark lover,

Water covering the depths of the land with a silver and gold platter of living ripple ballerinas.

And in all of this Holiness, 

more Holiness still as the soundtrack 

of low keys chased octaves higher and higher until joy possessed all of me. 

How will I ever be able to contain all of this love? 

Christ! I praise You in this sanctuary of miracle! 

In this vision of your eye! 

I love this corner of your shy smile. 


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