coffee a-brewing

the hour is slowly dragging its feet behind the second hand and gravity’s magnetism is and was and will be pulling the hands clockwise to a-tick- tick-ticking


the cars going by outside on the interstate forever north, forever south,  through the perpetual seasons changing color,  the cars  a-whir-whir-whirring


and the faucet coming from the endless sea and eternal waves, the fish there no one ever sees,  my bathroom faucet a-drip-drip-dripping


who cares it is an everyday occasion

that moves steadily forward that mocks my dying.


2 thoughts on “coffee a-brewing

    1. Happy New Year!!! Definitely, I hope you write more! I love your stories! You always make me laugh. If little lo won’t let you write a whole story, write a haiku! ( pretty please.) But write! Hugs and kisses my friend!


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