waiting place

It is enough for a lifetime.
It sustains the man.

The man is numb.
He needs distraction.

Because he was not made to walk alone.

What thing happens
when our good foot forward goes
Without us?

What is left in the waiting places
for the broken?

Garage door repairs

Cooking classes

Walking the dog along an empty street beside other people waiting.




Dandelion Patch by the Elementary School, Early May, 7:50 a.m.

Translations from the English


Dandelion Patch by the Elementary School, Early May, 7:50 a.m.

They pluck them from the ground and smash
Them soundlessly on another’s head or back

What floats off their violence like a helicopter’s
Skeleton? Lighter than an elementary school

Morning. Directionless as a flying fifth grader.
Wish wands are what they call them. Why would you break

A wish on a boy’s stubborn neck as he tries to twist
Away? On the shoulder of the girl who’s too fast

For you to catch? They don’t wait for the fractured
Moon to pop free of its stem. When the field grows

Quiet I look up at the great yellow flower. If I wait
Long enough it will turn white and fragile against

The dark. I’ll meet you at the base of its hollow
Column, or wait till the wind dismisses me.


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because i promised i would write before my next birthday

the last day that i am forty proves to be a quarter moon in the center of the sky.

the air is half cloud and the other half sun.

that sun rises earlier on my side of this mountain and sets earlier too, but a few short miles around the foothill and i have forced this last night that i am forty to last an inch longer.

i have climbed the mountain of that foothill.  i can see half of everything on either side of this town.  i can see half of everything around who i will ever be.  i am at the very tip without a tether.  but the tether is me.